Lee Escobar

Lee Escobar is a man who is very well educated and has been achieving great success as an entrepreneur, real estate investor and national speaker. This man has been working very hard throughout his life for building and maintaining a very solid reputation by way of continual academic and financial education. According to Lee, continual academic and financial education serves as the key to achieving financial success all throughout one’s life. Through the long years of constant study, Lee has figured out that true education is very similar to the three sides of a coin. The edge of the coin is harmonious education and it is necessary to watch both the sides of the coin for making the right choices in life. A scam is generally when people are not educated about the other side of the coin.

Lee EscobarLee’s Point on the Two Sides of the Coin

The two main sides of financial coin affecting an individual’s bank account are financial and academic education. Academic education is about getting a job while financial education is about becoming a successful entrepreneur who invests and owns different businesses. Having a close look will give you a clear understanding of the side that majority of your education is actually built upon. So, why are we not educated about financial education in our years of development? Why is it that people have to go beyond the conventional school system for learning something more about serving as an entrepreneur? These questions will not be answered in yes or no by Lee, but where there is an issue then it is necessary to get a solution for the issue. The past cannot be changed but we can give it meaning by changing the present.   This will help an individual in learning what he or she does not know and this will take him or her to the right objective in life.

Good and Bad Debt

There are a lot of people who are found to be influenced by only one side of the coin and that is academic education. These people label everything different as a scam. An example is people are usually taught about the ways in which they can actually save money while the flip side of the coin is the procedure of investing money. The ones who know the procedure of saving money are the ones who do not have any idea about the procedure of making money through investment. One side puts forward the fact that debt is bad while the flip side understands that there is some difference between bad and good debt. This is the reason why financially educated people get into good debt. Here, it is important to note that there is nothing good or bad but just different. The individuals who look forward to trying the money game while serving as a businessman rather than being an employee post training are very close to Escobar. These people are closer to Escobar’s persona and typically follow the proven path of increasing income.

The Sessions Run by Escobar

Escobar’s website gives a very clear understanding of his tenure in the industry. Escobar has been serving as a professional trainer since the year 2007. He has achieved great success in holding over 400 three day training workshops and reaching over 38,000 students throughout the markets spread worldwide.

TV Station Coverages can be of Good Use

If you are keen on knowing more about the sincerity that Lee emanates and his persona then you can easily view various TV interviews covered by national and local news stations such as CBS, ABC, FOX and HLN. Lee Escobar’s interviews and videos have successfully been aired a number of times through the US. The fact that popular news stations have aired his interviews and videos proves that he is not a scammer. The popularity of this man proves that he is 100% genuine is his activities. Lee Escobar deserves to be respected by people who have this keen interest of learning from him.