The Success Story of Lee Escobar

Lee Escobar has been living in Tennessee for the for the last 23 years and he has been successful in establishing himself as one of the most popular philanthropists and serial entrepreneur. Lee has steered several ventures successfully while serving as CEO and President. He also co-owns a couple of restaurants that have received awards for their impressive work and service. To add to Lee Escobar’s success he also has a number of investment companies in the real estate arena. Lee has already completed more than 100 real estate dealings and has even provided proper training programs to thousands of people throughout the country. The training programs provided by Lee are completely based on the dealings and the transactions carried by people over the last decade.

Lee’s Achievement of Financial Freedom

Lee has made an investment of more than $150,000.00 in attaining financial education. He has made huge efforts in building and providing a strong foundation to his investing business in the real estate market since June 2004. He was successful in achieving financial freedom in April 2005. He achieved financial freedom post purchasing and rehabbing a profitable multifamily public housing that brought about good cash flow enabling Escobar to pay off all his monthly bills. Lee gives full credits to his real estate education investments for the success that he has gained in achieving financial freedom. He also claims to be fortunate enough in finding the right coaches and mentors for support and accountability.

The Seminars and the Training Programs Conducted by Lee

Lee conducts motivational wealth building and real estate seminars across United States, Alaska and Puerto Rico. In his training programs and seminars, Lee teaches wealth creation and business building at the highest level in the present times. He advocates the use of cutting edge and brand new investing strategies in the real estate market for achieving the highest standards of wealth creation and business building. Lee has successfully taught more than 430 day training sessions to more than 38,000 students. This number does not include the one-on-one three day mentoring programs initiated by Lee in more than 100 markets.

Lee Escobar’s Accomplishments

Lee attended and received a B.A. in Theology with honors from the Lee University located in Cleveland, Tennessee. Post completing his graduation Lee Escobar started working on his Master’s degree while being commissioned into the Army Reserves. Lee presently serves as Captain in the Army Chaplains Corp of the United States. Lee has a proven record of serving in the form of a successful and established investor possessing good experience in various educational backgrounds and businesses. This makes Lee a perfect blend for several business ventures. It was his manifold success that got him several prestigious awards like Trainer of the Year and Mentor of Year. He has been given prime recognition for the success that he has achieved and for the desire that he has for helping people on several national and local television shows for HLN, FOX, ABC and CBS.

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